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What is Poker On Air?

Many of us have always dreamed of making a feature table, some of us have made it.  By design, Poker On Air provides the perfect training and educational tool for poker players that want to review their style of play and find opportunities for improvement. We have built a feature poker table with electronics that securely reads the cards as soon as they’re put in front of every player, transfers that data to a server that computes the percentages to win, computes VPIP, keeps track of chips stacks and is overlay on a live video feed. The result is ‘Real Life’ situational play with the ability to go back and review what your hero cards were, what the cards of your villains were, the percentages you had to win, and gives you insight into how you could have either extracted more chips from your opponents, how you should have called when you actually folded, with insight as to how the situation actually was. 


Why Watch Poker On Air?

Poker had an element of randomness but there is a lot of skill involved in the game. If your not actively finding way to improve your game, then you are leaving money on the table. Not only are you watching a live game being played, you can ask questions of our commentators in an interactive event, but also find great tips, tricks and commentator opinion as to what the audience is looking at. 

Why do I need a membership?

We will be broadcasting our events live FREE to watch, and they’re a great time to be a part of in the Twitch community. A membership gives you access to previously recorded shows so that you can catch up on what you missed. Anyone that plays on our table will receive a free 1 year membership to have access to all videos on our site.


Free Trial

Our monthly and yearly plans come with a 2 day trial period which allows you to check out the content and get a feel for member benefits. If you want to cancel your membership before two days are up, you will be refunded the full amount.

How do I get on the show?

You do not have to be a member of our site in order to be on the show. We handle all scheduling through our meetup site which is where we communicate with players on game availability and takes care of players/waiting list/ verification of players. Click [HERE] to visit our meetup site.

How to watch

Visit the front page of this site during our scheduled game to watch live from any computer with a browser. Our site is optimized for computers, mobile phones, and tablets. 

You can also watch us on Twitch at 

Twitch is also an app that you can install on many of your devices such as appleTV, roku, amazon fire, playstation, xbox and more. Simply install it, run it and search for PokerOnAir – when we’re live, you’ll see the show. 

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